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It allows you to produce high-quality, professional-looking picture books
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PictureBooks Publisher is a free book creation utility that allows you to produce high-quality, professional-looking picture books using your own collection of digital photographs and all the creativity you are capable of. The resulting book can then be sent directly to PictureBooks for printing.

PictureBooks is a book publishing company based in the Philippines that counts with various retail stores as well as an online service. PictureBooks Publishing is a self-editing tool that they provide free of charge to anyone who wants to publish their work using their printing facilities. Though initially oriented to help you make your dearest digital photographs public, the program allows you to include also any amount of text.

This comprehensive tool provides you with a series of templates that cover all the most widely used book sizes. Once you have created a new “project”, you will be presented with a whole set of blank pages that you can then fill in with your photographs and texts. The layout of each page is entirely up to your creativity, as well as the design of the front and back covers of your picture book. The editing process is easy to follow, thanks mainly to the help provided by the tool’s assistant, which shows useful tips and instructions at each step of the process.

You can add a number of styles and effects to enhance the beauty of your images and the overall look and feel of the publication. Its various backgrounds, frames, shadows, borders, and masks will help you give that professional touch to each page, while its simple editing tool will allow you to re-touch your photographs when necessary.

The resulting book can be then sent directly to PictureBooks for printing or saved for future use.

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  • Well-organized interface with optional wizard-like help
  • Extensive list of book templates
  • Good choice of styles and effects


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